How DP Ruto Assassination Allegations Affected Sicily Kariuki: ‘My Uncle Almost had a Stroke’

February 28, 2022

Back in 2018, former Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki was linked to an alleged plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto.

The former Minister was said to be planning the alleged assassination with other senior govt officials at the La Mada Hotel in Nairobi.

Ms Kariuki recalled the ‘La Mada’ saga and the DCI intrigues that followed.

“I was said to be part of the group that was plotting to kill the Deputy President. Now that’s annoying. You know, the way you want to remove your hair.

“So, I’m called by a senior Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer on a Sunday evening when I’m having fun with my old mother. She’s in my house. I’m required at DCI headquarters the next morning.

“I demand to know what happens at the DCI offices. I’m told: “You’re coming to record statements.” 

“At that point, I don’t know whether it’s me alone, or it’s the National Youth Service (NYS) saga showing. And because I was never invited to record a statement on NYS, maybe this is it,” Kariuki told Sunday Nation.

She added: “Immediately after that, my colleagues call me: “Have you been summoned?” So we meet. We demand to be told where the Occurrence Book is. What are we accused of? What is happening? Then I’m wondering, this assassination being planned by women is also very interesting.”

The Nyandarua gubernatorial aspirant said the allegations left her uncle hospitalized.

“We sat with the officers and argued back and forth for three hours. We were not recording anything. We wanted to see the entry. It was ugly. 

“My mother’s elder brother almost got a stroke while watching the news on TV. He had to be taken to hospital. 

“You mean we took her to school and performed very well only to be a thug? How can it ever happen in our family?’ he asked,” Kariuki narrated.

Her daughter also got wind of the allegations while in Dubai.

“You can imagine at that point, my daughter was in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. A student. She was picking these on 411. So you quickly start calling everyone and telling them: “I’ve not become a murderer. I’m not even a thief.” 

“We make very careless moves that affecting families. You think it’s about me or you think you are attacking me, but you’re hurting many other people,” she said.

So what became of the ‘La Mada’ saga? “Nothing at all,” she said.

Sicily also spoke about meeting Ruto after the controversy.

“I met the DP during the memorial service of (Safaricom Chief Executive Bob) Collymore. Camera people and journalists are all over. 

“They want to see how I will react during the meeting. And then the DP IS greeting me and really squeezing my hand,” she said.

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