DJ Mo Talks About Size 8 “Pregnancy”, Sleeping on Corridor in Githurai

February 3, 2022

Celebrity gospel music disc jockey Samuel Muraya – DJ Mo – has addressed the ongoing rumors that his wife Size 8 is pregnant.

Fans of the celebrity couple have been sending them congratulatory messages after they noticed Size 8 with a supposed baby bump on TV and in some of her photos.

However, both Size 8 and DJ Mo have dismissed the pregnancy rumors.

“I am not pregnant guys. That day I had just eaten too much and I was very full. Can I be pregnant and still dance the way I danced on the show? My mood while pregnant has always been very low,” Size 8 said.

DJ Mo added: “She(Size 8) is not(pregnant) but what I would say is that do not fear to fail. It’s the only way to become the best version of you.”

Last year, DJ Mo and Size 8 sadly lost their unborn baby that would have been their third-born child.

Meanwhile, DJ Mo turned 36 years old on Sunday and celebrated his birthday with the less privileged in the community.

“I have done all kinds of birthdays — bashes, travelling, high-end birthdays — and this time, I felt I needed to do it differently by sharing with VIPs in town,” he said.

“Most of the time, when I’m passing by, they stop me, ask for kitu kidogo, and I told God my birthday, I want to share with them.”

The DJ also identified two talented street boys who wowed him enough to help them hit the studio.

“I also spotted two artistes and we are planning to help them record and see what next for them. That is what I call service to the society.”

On what inspired him to celebrate with the street families, DJ Mo said more than 15 years ago he would sleep outside when he lacked rent.

“I have slept outside, kwa corridor ya mlango, coz most months I couldn’t pay rent in Githurai 44. I used to go home very late, sleep kwa mlango, and then leave very early before everyone else woke up. That was around 2005 when life was too hard,” he said.

DJ Mo encouraged fans that everyone has their time.

“Never give up, focus, push (jitume) and always consult God. Kabisa. I really wanted to have a beautiful family, car, events company and above all help someone achieve their dreams or be part of it.

“I am pushing up and I want to leave a legacy that I was part of many people’s dreams — in one way or another — I played a part.”

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