“Call Me a Racist!” Eric Omondi Excludes Africans From ‘Wife Material 4’

February 8, 2022

Eric Omondi is casting his net beyond the continent for the next participants in his online reality series, ‘Wife Material’.

While announcing a return of ‘Wife Material’ season 4, the funnyman said he will be looking for a non-African wife this time around.

The first season saw Eric Omondi feature women from Kenya, with musician Carol of the Band Beca pop group emerging winner.

In the following season, Omondi added Ugandans and Tanzanians but the show was canceled after one of the contestants went rogue and made the production impossible.

Omondi returned with a third season featuring participants from the East and Central African region. It was won by South Sudan model Monica Ayen.

For season 4, Eric Omondi will choose his ‘wife’ from among two Caucasians, two Chinese women, two Indians and two Arabic women.

This season 4 sitaki Wa Africa, muniite racist nimejaribu nimeshindwa. Nitakua na wazungu wawili, wa-chinese wawili, wahindi wawili an waarabu wawili.

(In season 4, I will not feature Africans. Call me racist, I’ve tried and it has been hard. I will feature two white women, two Chinese, two Indians and two Arabic women),” he said.

Out of the above-mentioned, Omondi indicated he would prefer a Chinese wife.

“Every Kenyan, East African and every African is out of the picture. A Chinese wife would be a good catch,” he said.

Eric Omondi is yet to release more details about Wife Material 4 but he did post a cryptic countdown on his socials for Wednesday, February 9.


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