Suicide Not the Way Out, I Tried It Twice: Obinna Inspires Hope

January 28, 2022

Comedian Oga Obinna was in an inspirational mood as he reminisced on his difficult past when things in his life were not working out.

Taking to social media, the comedian revealed he twice contemplated taking his own life when things got tough.

“I have suffered and I’m still suffering however my current suffering isn’t my previous suffering. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt many lessons.

“That’s life. It’s not easy to make it when going by the book. It will take time..a lot of time. You will have pressure and be stressed or even depressed. Like me, you might opt for the easier way out; Suicide,” Obinna wrote.

The YouTuber said suicide only makes matters worse and encouraged his followers not to consider it as a solution.

“DON’T DO IT- YOU will allow them to win. (I tried suicide twice when nothing was working out – I REPEAT DON’T even THINK THIS DIRECTION. It will not only NOT SOLVE ANYTHING but cause a lot of pain and suffering to those who LOVE YOU.)”

Obinna, who was celebrating acquiring a new car, preached the importance of celebrating every win.

“I’ve Owned a couple of material things from Cars to Houses to Clothes to Land etc…This is what I’ve learnt, Celebrate every Win as it comes and don’t explain yourself to anybody. However, there is more satisfaction in GIVING than Receiving. (Without others knowing-You posting etc)
Don’t over-depend on your friends they don’t OWE you anything (I have so many powerful friends who would improve my level by just one signature – but they never do, all good. I don’t blame them or judge them. They don’t OWE me.😰) Whatever makes you happy – DO that,” the comedian averred.

He added: “DONT BE QUICK TO GIVE UP. Today might not be good but tomorrow? You are responsible for every choice you make🙏 It’s good to have HOPE however always remember HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY. Get up and do it,the worst that will happen is that it will fail and you will have learnt a lesson on what to improve.”


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