Moi Grandson Dealt Blow in Child Support Case

January 24, 2022

Collins Kibet Toroitich, the eldest grandson of former President Daniel Arap Moi, has suffered a blow in his bid to settle a child support case out of court.

Kibet Toroitich had asked Resident Magistrate Benjamin Limo to be allowed to engage Ms Gladys Jeruto Tagi, the mother of his two children, with a view to settling the case amicably.

Through his lawyer, Kibet told the court he was willing to negotiate an out-of-court deal.

“Since my client is willing to take responsibility, I am sure we can sit down with the applicants’ lawyer to come up with proposals on how he is going to support the children,” said Collins’s lawyer.

But Ms Tagi opposed the application accusing Collins Kibet of being ‘insincere and mischievous’.

Tagi, through her lawyer David Mong’eri, claimed the request to settle out of court is a tactic to drag the case.

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The lawyer argued Collins Kibet has been using every available opportunity to derail the case which has been pending in court for about a year.

Magistrate Limo also heard that despite confirming he is the children’s biological father, Kibet has neither reached out to their mother nor offered them any assistance.

“He is not the best person for mediation because his actions portray him as a very mischievous person. He comes to court driving a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, takes lunch from one of the high end hotels in town and leaves without even greeting his own children in court,” said the lawyer.

The lawyer convinced the court to have the case proceed to hearing before it is determined by the court.

Magistrate Limo scheduled the matter for hearing on February 11.

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