Fatherhood has Kept me on a Straight Line, says Prezzo

January 19, 2022

Once upon a time, rapper Prezzo was the bonafide bad boy of the Kenyan showbiz industry. It is a reputation that saw him represent Kenya during the seventh season of the celebrity reality tv show Big Brother Africa in 2012, where he finished runner up.

After Big Brother, Prezzo continued to court controversy in Kenya, grabbing headlines for one thing or the other, especially over the countless women he is said to have dated. He even starred in the controversial reality TV show ‘Nairobi Diaries’.

Fast forward to now and the rapper has been relatively tamed, something he attributes to being a father.

Instead of partying like he used to, Prezzo says he decided to focus on family.

“I have a family and I’m off the market. I have two daughters who keep me going,” he said.

Adding: “Co-parenting hasn’t been hard given she is an understanding person, I thank God for her she has made things easy. Fatherhood has kept me on a straight line and I thank God for that.”

On people who assume he is a spoilt rich kid, Prezzo said: “To be honest I do not care what people think about me.”

The rapper added: “Whether you do good people will still judge you. Watasema mchana na usiku watalala. There is so much good people do, but once you do something bad they forget about all the good things you did.

Do your thing as long as you are not disrespecting anybody.”

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