Atheists Society Threatens Church Over ‘Kesha’ Noise

January 17, 2022

The Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) has raised a complaint with a church over noise pollution.

In a letter dated January 15, AIK President Harrison Mumia threatened the pastors at PEFA Church in Saika area, Kangundo Road with legal action should they continue to generate noise.

AIK noted it had received numerous complaints that the church was generating noise pollution on Sunday mornings and Friday overnight services known as ‘Keshas’.

“The loud noise that emanates from your church is intolerable to a lot of residents living near the church,” AIK wrote to pastors Alex Wanyonyi and Bishop John Okinda.

AIK also noted it had written to the church in January 2021 complaining over the same but no action was taken.

“We are giving you EXACTLY 14 days within which to reduce the noise pollution. Please note that as a society, we plan to take legal action if the concerns of the complainants are not addressed conclusively.”

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