Don’t Let My Childbirth Story Scare You: Betty Kyallo to Expectant Mothers

December 1, 2021

Television news anchor-turned businesswoman Betty Kyallo narrated her childbirth experience, saying it was pure pain.

Betty delivered her now 7-year-old daughter, Ivanna, naturally, an experience she says is still fresh in her mind.

Speaking on ‘Bun In the Oven’ on YouTube, Betty said the pregnancy was a surprise and that it interfered with her career.

“I was three years into working at KTN when I knew I was pregnant. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it interrupted my career progression at that time. I remember telling Dennis that is what it is and sooner than later, we came to terms about it,” she said.

On the delivery, Betty Kyallo said there is nothing that would have prepared her for the experience.

“I don’t want to discourage any person who is watching this and is expectant. Everybody has her own experience, but for me, I just remember that it was really painful. Even breathing didn’t help. I don’t even know how to explain that pain. It was crazy,” she said.

Adding; “By the time I was dilating, I had suffered. When you get to that point, just be ready to go through it. There’s nothing I would have learnt or read that would have actually helped in that situation. It was just pure pain. I don’t think there is a way to describe delivery. They try to prepare you, but it is not easy.”

As a result, Betty Kyallo ruled out a natural birth if she were to have another child.

“Will I give birth naturally again?… Definitely no! I will go through the epidural way since that pain by just talking about it, I feel it is still in my mind,” she said.

Betty also acknowledged she experienced postpartum depression.

“Many women go through postpartum depression, just that the difference is the degree of it. It is not mentally right that you can go through the birth process and just be okay. There is a degree of shock and I also went through it. It took me a few days before I started getting acquainted to my baby,” she said.

Betty at the same time encouraged expectant mothers not to be scared by her experience, saying childbirth is a new experience for everybody.

“To all mothers who are expecting, don’t let my story scare you. I was also a small girl. There’s a new experience for everybody and I hope you will enjoy it. It is how God wanted us to give birth; to go through the entire process and embrace it rather than feel like you’re being punished. Look at Ivana right now, I am glad I went through that.

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