Stivo Simple Boy Denies Being Exploited by Manager

November 10, 2021

Musician Stephen Otieno aka Stivo Simple Boy has addressed reports going round on social media that his manager has been exploiting him.

This past weekend claims emerged on Twitter that Stivo Simple Boy’s manager, Geoffrey Oyoo, pockets the lion’s share of the singer’s earnings.

“So it is like Stivo akiitwa show alipwe kitu ka Sh 70k, anapewa only Sh 2k. Naskia anaishi kwa nyumba ya matope Kibera,” read one of the messages from an unverified source.

Another indicated that: “I have been told he still lives in a muddy house in Kibera and sometimes he struggles to pay his rent.”

However, Stivo Simple Boy has come out to put these claims to bed.

The ‘Vijana Tuache Mihadarati’ hitmaker said he was surprised by the claims and that he is on good terms with his management.

“I was surprised to see those allegations on Twitter. They are not true as I have never been exploited by my manager,” he said.

“The person who started that conversation must be trying to chase clout with my name.”

His manager Oyoo also spoke out expressing similar sentiments.

“I have seen the screenshots. It is unfortunate that we try every day to bring each other down. That is propaganda being advanced by those who were not ready for Simple Boy’s success. He came to the industry and has been giving the perceived bigshots a run for their money. They have to find a way to bring him down,” Oyoo said.

Oyoo added that he has never posed any stumbling block to Stivo Simple Boy and is determined to see him flourish.

“We are a big team. Most of us are not known but it should be known that we always work hard to see that he (Simple Boy) makes it in his career. We are always ready to give support. When there was no label to record, Made In Kibra took him in and since then he has been a signee therein, he is given all the support,” he said.

On claims that Stivo Simple Boy was earning peanuts, the manager said: “It is not logical. It does not make sense. How would I pay you KSh 2,000 out of KSh 70,000? It is not true.”

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