Revealed: How Much Chipukeezy Earned to Curtain Raise for Katt Williams

November 2, 2021

Comedian Vincent Muaasya Mutua alias Chipukeezy is having the time of his life in the US where he has been dining with comedy royalty.

Chipukeezy, who doubles up as NACADA Director, has been in the US for more than a month.

The former Kiss FM presenter took part in “The Celebrity Fish Tour USA” hosted by Nigerian comedian Patrick Onyeke popularly known as Mr Patrick.

Chipukeezy also got a chance to meet American stand-up comedian Katt Williams. Chipukeezy curtain raised for Katt Williams in Washington DC as the American comic embarks on his World War III Tour.

“I curtain-raised for that superstar and this is amazing. I wish I could break down my thoughts and emotionally narrate about this day,” Chipukeezy said.

Adding: “I am honored to be among the few comedians in the world to perform in the Constitutional hall Washington DC. History has been and is being written. I can’t believe I leveled up and got introduced to International Stand Up comedy by The king of stand up comedy himself my friend and BOSS Mr. Katt Williams.”

So how much did Katt Williams pay Chipukeezy to perform?

The Kenyan comedian refused to reveal the exact amount, only disclosing that it was more than half a million shillings.

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