Over 25 YouTuber Lorna Muchemi Shares her WEDDING Story (PHOTOS)

November 8, 2021

Lorna Wanjiru Muchemi, one of four members of the popular YouTube channel ‘Over 25’, got married to Jeojoh Diallo Gatabaki On October 1, 2021, in a colorful wedding ceremony at Windsor Country club.

Lorna shares details about the wedding:

How did you meet?

Lorna: We met on social media. On Snapchat, to be specific, back in 2015, when it was blowing up. I said ‘Hi’ first. We started dating some years later, and the rest is history.

How was the proposal like?

It was lovely. He took me to Finch Hattons in Tsavo West National Park, our first safari together.

I knew he’d propose, but I didn’t know on which day. It was quite exhilarating!

How was it planning the wedding? What challenges did you face while planning?

I have been in experiential marketing for over 10 years, so planning events is in my blood.

This is what made planning my wedding easy for me. However, the stress was in making sure that there was cash to pay suppliers.

My main challenge was that the tailor who made the bridesmaids’ dresses really let us down.

I don’t understand why tailor culture in Kenya is so wanting. One minute they’re making you a gorgeous dress, the next they make the worst outfit of your life. Where is the consistency?

How about your dress? How was the process of creating it, and working with Ogake?

I wanted to promote a local designer. I’d done my research and knew Ogake would be the one when the time comes.

She seemed versatile enough to capture the dress of my dreams. Working with her was so easy. Not once did I complain.

All my fittings were as smooth as butter, I never worried even once! I wish others would borrow a leaf from her and her team.

I wish my bridesmaids had such a lovely experience.

What do you remember the most about your big day?

It’s true what they say, weddings are a blur for the bride and groom, but I remember looking around and everyone was so happy.

That was our wish for all our guests; that they may all have smiling faces.

What advice can you give couples planning their wedding?

To remember the wedding is only the beginning, and it’s not the marriage. Secondly, have a plan first; figure out what you want, what you can afford, what’s necessary and what isn’t, together.

Also, it’s 2021, settling to have wedding committees is not fair, since everyone is struggling. If you can’t afford it, wait until you can.

Finally, be actively involved in your wedding. Don’t let a planner do everything for you.

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