First Lady Applauds Ghetto Classics For Transforming Lives Of Underprivileged Children

November 12, 2021

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has thanked well-wishers and partners of Ghetto Classics for supporting the musical group in its efforts to improve the lives of underprivileged children.

The First Lady, who is the Patron of the Art of Music Foundation that runs the Ghetto Classics music education programme, said the support from well-wishers and partners has helped the group to expand the music education programme.

Ghetto Classics, a flagship programme of the Art of Music Foundation founded by Ms Elizabeth Njoroge in 2007, has to date benefitted 1500 children and youth from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds as well as the lives of Korogocho and other satellite communities.

“The theme of this evening is gratitude. The story of Ghetto Classics and the impact it has made on thousands of boys and girls is truly a special story.

“Many of you here who have worked hard to make this programme a success, I extend my deepest appreciation for your sustaining the vision,” the First Lady said.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta spoke on Tuesday evening in Nairobi during the Ghetto Classics thanksgiving concert attended by Sports, Culture and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed and Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa among other dignitaries.

The First Lady noted that the scholarships provided by well-wishers and partners of Ghetto Classics have expanded opportunities for many more children, enabling them to participate in the music education programme or pursue further education.

She added that the financial grants from well-wishers and partners have ensured sustainability of the music education programme by helping in the purchase of music equipment as well as provision of learning spaces for underprivileged children who express their creativity and diversity through music.

“United with one voice, you have embraced your civic responsibility and shown that we can help change lives of people who have less opportunities or face challenges. You have contributed in creating opportunities for many many boys and girls,” the First Lady said.

At the same time, the First Lady commended the Ghetto Classics family for embracing innovation that enabled them to offer concerts online at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She also applauded Ghetto Classics for caring for the elderly through food, masks and clothing donations during the pandemic.

“This demonstrates the impact this programme has had in nurturing the spirit of teamwork to produce change. It demonstrates the power we all have, despite our circumstances, to improve lives.

“I congratulate the entire Ghetto Classics family for your solidarity and admire you for the love that you have shown for one another and for your community,” the First Lady said.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said his company’s direct contribution towards supporting Ghetto Classics currently stands at Kshs 90 million.

Mr Ndegwa thanked First Lady Margaret Kenyatta for being the Patron of a great cause, the  Ghetto Classics, which he said is transforming the lives of vulnerable children in some of Nairobi’s informal settlements.

Other speakers at the colorful celebrations were the Art of Music Foundation Chairperson Rachel Mbai as well as the foundation’s founder and Executive Director Ms Elizabeth Njoroge.

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