Why Ndichu Brothers Haven’t Recorded Statement Over Ole Sereni Altercation

October 27, 2021

Ndichu TwinsReports reaching our newsdesk indicate that Ndichu twins – Eddie and Paul Ndichu are yet to record their official statements with the investigating officers.

The brothers are accused of assaulting two sisters – Stephanie Murgor (24) and Cheryl Murgor (22) – at Nairobi’s Emara Ole Sereni Hotel in a highly publicised aletercation that was caught on camera.

The complainants reported the matter at Akila Police Station before the matter was transferred to Lang’ata Police Station.

On Monday, October 25, 2021, the two sisters were accompanied by their uncle, Senior Counsel Philip Murgor, to Lang’ata police station where they recorded the statement.

Detectives handling the case however told media sources that the Ndichu brothers have not yet recorded any statements with them.

They explained that the matter is still at a preliminary stage, and that when the time is right, they will summon the Ndichu brothers.

“We are yet to question the accused, and they have not reported any statements with us. Today, we grilled the complainants and once the case is at an advanced stage, we will have to summon the accused to record their statements,” detectives at Lang’ata police station.

This comes after another CCTV clip emerged online showing two women fighting at the lobby of Ole Sereni.

Murgor laughed it off saying that the footage was a conveniently cut and doesn’t represent the correct state of whatever transpired on the material day.

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