Lillian Ng’ang’a Responds to Sonko Over Claims of Endangering Juliani

October 18, 2021

Former Machakos County First Lady Lillian Ng’ang’a has not taken kindly to Sonko’s remarks about her relationship with Juliani.

The former Nairobi governor, just like activist Boniface Mwangi, appears to be the most excited about the pair’s love affair.

Sonko has not been missing a chance to take a dig at Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua ever since Ng’ang’a and Juliani became an item.

This past weekend, Boniface Mwangi published new photos of Juliani and Ng’ang’a sparking another social media firestorm.


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It is from these photos that Sonko once again seized his opportunity to comment; he insinuated that by sharing the new pictures, Lillian Ng’an’ga was hurting Governor Mutua.

Sonko added that she was endangering the life of her new lover.

In a rejoinder, Ng’ang’a, who has been holding her own against trolls, faulted Sonko for apparent sexism.

She wondered if Sonko would make similar comments if it was Governor Mutua who had moved on.

“My main concern from Governor Mike Sonko’s post is WHY he would think I am endangering Juliani’s life. The photos as shared yesterday by our friend Bonnie were not IN ANY WAY meant to hurt anybody,” she wrote.

Ng’ang’a continued; “Would sentiments be the same if it was the man who was now dating someone else? I am 100% sure it would not. Society MUST be fair to women.

“Also, If you read this post and do not see the MAIN ISSUE that requires discourse, you are failing your sisters, your daughters, your women friends, etc.” Lillian Nganga concluded.




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