The highly contentious Gengetone music genre is not dead and neither is the Kenyan boy band Ethic.

This is according to the group comprising rappers Swat, Rekless, Zilla and Seska.

Ethic spoke in an interview with Churchill where they denied splitting up saying that the COVID-19 pandemic was their wake-up call.

“Gengetone still exists, Ethic Entertainment has not split and Ethic group is still here. We are here to stay!” said Rekless.

The Lamba Lolo hitmakers said Covid restrictions in the country affected the Gengetone wave that was just beginning to find its roots.

“Gengetone has really been negatively affected, but now that the president ordered the vacation of curfew, things will slowly fall back into place. Music groups will go back to how they initially were.”  Zilla Dropa said.

The hitmakers further urged Kenyans to support Gengetone music.

“We need to accept our music. If we have pride for our own, local artists will be motivated, as they will feel the support. It does not have to be us, it could be any upcoming artist,” Rekless said.