DJ Pierra Makena has no time for men who want to be kept

October 13, 2021

DJ Pierra Makena has revealed what she looks for in a man she wants to date and settle down with.

Speaking with SPM Buzz at the listening party of Alikiba’s ‘Only One King’ album, Pierra said one of her turn-offs is a lazy man.

The mother of one said she likes her men mature and hardworking.

“I do not have time for dating men who want to be kept. I only date mature, hardworking men,” she said.

DJ Pierra also said she believes in sharing financial responsibilities with her partner.

“There is a generation that is coming that wants easy things. It’s not fair for someone else to work for you. I believe in coming with my things and the man bringing his things and then we share.

“There are such people but I do not have time for such. I can smell a rat from far.”

On the type of man she would want, the actress said: “I just want someone who can speak to your heart. He has to be thin, good looking, clean and smells good.”

Pierra also advised women on gender roles.

“Gender roles come automatically. I can’t just sit at home and wait for my man to come to cook when he comes home from work. If I am not around, he can cook,” she said.

“If I am at home, I will cook. Some things are generally for women. Keeping a man clean, he can do the same for me but differently, for example, buying me a new cloth. If I can do something, why should I let him do it?” Makena posed.

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