Andrew Kibe Hits Back at “small boy” Eric Omondi

October 1, 2021

Andrew Kibe has described Eric Omondi as a small boy, further escalating the pair’s war of words on social media.

The tiff between the two started when Kibe slammed the comedian for crossdressing in his video content while endorsing the billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi for president.

“Eric I’m talking to you man. Nilimwona amefanya video juzi, amejivaa kaa dem, amepaka mpaka make-up, selling a political candidate. Nikajiuliza why? I don’t have to dress like women to talk to women… Women respond to men… ID yako imeandikwaje? Ama ni Erica… You need to change your ways. Ukona tabia za kidem sasa wewe. Na since ukona tabia za kidem lazima tukuambie sasa. Sit your f*kin a$$ bro. Stop that bullsh*t. What are you teaching our kids?” Kibe shouted.

Eric Omondi later responded, sending Kibe a bizarre warning about sleeping with his cousins and licking his nipples.

“Wewe Kife this is your FIRST and LAST WARNING!!! Ukiendelea nitatafuta ma Siater zako na Cousins wako niwa D*NYE alafu nikuje hapo America nikulambe shingo na hizo nip*les zako IDIOT!!!!” said Omondi.

He followed it up with claims that Andrew Kibe is being bankrolled by an older woman in the US.

“Andrew Kibe lives in a woman’s house in America and sleeps in a woman’s bed. She is called Judith and she is 57-years-old.

“Mtu amewekwa na mumama has no moral authority to address anyone. Arudi Kenya afanye kazi kama wanaume wengine! Kenyans need to help Kibe. Hana mbele wala nyuma. We have done our investigations,” Omondi averred.

Then in an Instagram Live with Belgium-based Kenyan digital influencer Chinese Kikie, Kibe was asked to respond to Omondi’s allegations.

He said: “Just the other day he (Eric Omondi) was a small boy swimming naked, now he’s talking to men.

Kibe went on to claim that he prefers his women young and still in campus.

“At 45, ata dem wa 30 ni mzee…mimi nikiona dem ako 30 akiniongelesha, I ask her why…what do you think you’re coming to get here,” Kibe said.

Kikie then posed: “So what is your minimum and maximum age of women you date/marry?”

To which the Rogue radio founder responded: “I don’t date or marry. Mimi hubomoa madem wako campus, past campus wewe ni mzee.”

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