9 Things to Know About Mulamwah’s Fiancée Carol Sonie

October 12, 2021

Caroline Muthoni popularly known as Carrol Sonie is an actress and content creator. She is also the fiancée to comedian Kendricks Mulamwah.

Sonie shares some tidbits about herself.

Being a first-time mother is the best feeling ever. It’s a title I have always longed for all my life. Despite the self-doubt that I get at times I’m loving this new phase of my life.

The first person(s) I told when I learnt I was pregnant were my two best-friends Laura and Teresiah. I wish y’all saw their faces. They were more excited than I was. They couldn’t get over the thought of knowing they were becoming aunties.

I lost my first pregnancy at two months. That was the hardest and unforgettable experience I’ve ever had in my life.

I didn’t expect my child’s social media account would attract a large following that quickly with over 10K followers on Instagram and 100k on Facebook. I give it to her dad (Mulamwah) for creating and pushing the accounts.

It’s a huge step to have those numbers because the main motive is to use the popularity of those social media accounts for her future benefits.

Mulamwah and I share lots about our lives on social media, this will not be the case with our daughter. Her social platforms are for the endorsement she has at the moment and the one she will be getting in future.

Many only came to know of me because of my famous boyfriend Mulamwah. He’s the one who introduced me to the ‘social media world’. However, some know me because of my art.

When we parted ways, we both reached out to each other for reconciliation. Everyone played their part and I’m glad we got back together better than ever.

There have been so many narratives as to why Mulamwah and I parted ways but as to what caused the split, we chose to keep it to ourselves. We don’t see the need to clarify anything to anyone.

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