‘What a Lucky Baby’ – Vera To Treat Newborn to a Life of Luxury

September 1, 2021

Vera Sidika is pulling out all the stops to ensure that her firstborn baby leads a life of comfort and luxury.

The popular social media personality has revealed her plans to import assorted baby items from abroad. These include clothing and a crib, which Vera says will be shipped from the UK and the US.

“What a lucky baby. I didn’t grow up lucky and in such luxury but the amount of glam and luxe this baby is about to experience… I wish I was this baby,” she wrote on Insta.

Vera Sidika added: “Her baby crib, clothing, and everything is getting shipped from UK and USA. We work hard in life so we can give our kids the best life we did not have while growing up. God bless all mothers out there doing all it takes to provide and give the best to their children.”

According to the businesswoman, giving your all to your children does not mean giving them an expensive life, but doing the best to provide for them.

“Everyone has their maximum stretch and being rich doesn’t mean it’s only you who can give the best,” she said.

“Every parent out here gives their kids the best to their capabilities and that’s what matters. My parents weren’t rich. I didn’t grow in luxury but they gave me the best they could ever give.”

Vera and her hubby Brown Mauzo are expecting their baby in early November. She has since indicated that she will splash up to Sh1 million for the delivery.

“They say CS is expensive but if you really want it you’d prepare better even if you don’t have money. That’s nine months of saving. For private hospitals, the case is super different,” she said.

“May God grant us a healthy baby & safe delivery in Jesus name. Sema AMEN ?????? Can’t wait to be a mom. I’m ready for all the sleepless nights, endless cries & pure happiness & joy. God bless anyone yearning for such a blessing. May God grant your wish desires ❤️??” Vera wrote.

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