Jalang’o Fires Warning Shot At Vincent Mboya Over Sh18K Donation

September 8, 2021

Media personality Jalang’o has been caught up in fresh drama with upcoming musician Vincent Mboya.

After offering to refund Jalang’o his donation of Sh18,000, Mboya claimed that he wired the money into the comedian’s mobile money wallet after he refused to collect it physically.

The 22-year-old singer also shared a supposed screenshot of the transaction.

Thanks so much for your help. Hope you have your money now Heavy J,” Mboya wrote.

But in his response, the Kiss FM radio presenter denied receiving the cash saying Mboya fabricated the M-Pesa message.

“I have just spoken to this boy to stop using my name in his pursuit of fame! This is an edited message! I can confirm to you that there is no money he has sent me! Ni Ujinga tu,” Jalang’o said.

“I hope one day he will learn that there are people wishing to get this money that I honestly gave him! I can’t imagine that this is the same boy who came crying and has just turned to be a monster! I have warned him against using my name for clout…anasema ni ngoma anatoa!” the radio personality added.

Jalang’o further warned Mboya that: “Boss, I want to warn you of hii ujinga umeanza. Please stop using my name. Just don’t. This is the last time I’m telling you this.”

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