Husbands Should Pay Housewives Nothing Less Than Sh400k – Kamene Goro

September 29, 2021

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has agreed with Nakuru High Court judge Teresiah Matheka that housewives should be paid for their work in the house.

The radio personality argues that housewives make the lives of their husbands much easier and as such, they should be getting nothing less than Ksh400,000 per month.

“Your job in life becomes to make his life as easy as possible, not forgetting that life is difficult enough as it is! They [housewives] should be paid and they should be paid well, and I mean a monthly salary aside from the money needed to run the home and it should not be anything less than Sh400,000,” Kamene declared.

The former TV news anchor further spoke from a personal experience, narrating how she used to cater for her ex-husband in Tanzania.

Kamene revealed how she would prepare and deliver lunch to her then-husband on a daily basis.

“We used to have a kitchen garden so I used to go to the shamba and pick managu, terere and all those traditional vegetables, take them to my house help for her to wash them then nitoe dagaa kwa store (get sardines from the store) to soak in hot water… because he wouldn’t eat food which hadn’t been prepared by me. Before you know it, here comes midday so I pack the lunch, hop into the car and go deliver the food to his office,” she narrated.

“I’d wait to pick the containers after he was done eating and only then could I leave for the house. And of course if he needed some errands done or if I had to go by the supermarket then I’d have to do those before I got back to the house,” she added.

Kamene lamented that being a housewife was a bland job that left her without a social life and little time to take care of her personal needs.

After delivering the lunch, she said she would only have about two hours of free time before she’d have to cater to her husband.

“Two hours maybe to chill and maybe read a book, attend to my own errands or whatever… before you know it, it’s the late afternoon… I go to the room, pack his [gym] bag… DUDE!!!” she exclaimed.

“Thank God I came back home! You know what my biggest highlights were? Going to the supermarket and going to the salon! Imagine those being the only two things you look forward to in a whole week!” Kamene concluded.

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