How To Get The Most Out of Golden Eagle Day

September 6, 2021

The Golden Eagle race may have only been run twice in history, but with a $7.5 million prize pool it has unsurprisingly become a momentous occasion very quickly. Tens of thousands of fans flock to Rosehill Gardens while many more watch on from home or elsewhere, and this is how to make the most of your day wherever you spend it.

For the racegoers

Golden Eagle Day is the biggest race day in the western part of Sydney, and as a result the Rosehill Racetrack puts on a suitably good show. There are pop-up bars and food trucks to enjoy, while the Spring Fashion Stakes competition also gives fashion lovers among the crowd (of which there are plenty) a chance to show their stuff.

As with virtually every event at the Spring Racing Carnival, the dress code is classy. This is not a time for jeans and sneakers – it’s one for fancy suits and fascinators. It’s time to dig deep into that wardrobe, or even part with a few hard-earned dollars to find an appropriate outfit for the day.

Of course, in order to enjoy your day you want to be feeling good in what you’re wearing, so that’s objective number one, but you want to make sure that you make it through the gates as well.

With all the entertainment on offer, it’s hard not to have a good time at Golden Eagle Day, but make sure you capitalise on all of that entertainment as much as you can. Keep a keen eye on the races, of course, while you should also ensure you don’t miss out on the aforementioned array of quality food trucks and the various bars scattered around Rosehill.

For those staying away from Rosehill

Don’t feel like getting all dressed up to watch the horses? Fair enough, and there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Golden Eagle Day, be that from the comfort of your own home or at another venue.

If you fall into the former of those two categories, there are a number of ways you can make your experience even more enjoyable than it would be at the races themselves.

For starters, stock up on all of your favourite food and drinks – there’s no need to be limited by what’s on offer at Rosehill. Create as comfortable a set-up as possible in your living room, turn the TV up loud, invite a few friends around and enjoy the day your own way.

Alternatively, if you aren’t going to Rosehill there will no doubt be plenty of venues punters will flock to in order to watch on, whether you live in the middle of Sydney or somewhere a little less metropolitan. Heading to a pub or bar to watch the races is a great way to soak up some of the same atmosphere that you would get at the racetrack, and you don’t have to worry so much about what you’re wearing.

Golden Eagle Day has rapidly become one of the biggest days on Sydney’s racing calendar, and there are a whole range of ways in which you can enjoy it. Whether you’re heading to Rosehill or not, the above tips should help to ensure that you get as much out of the big day as possible, wherever it is you may be watching from.

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