Sharon Mundia Speaks on Lesbianism Rumours, Overcoming Divorce, Remarrying

August 4, 2021

Sharon Mundia, alias ‘This Is Ess’, has spoken out on a number of personal topics, including claims that she is a lesbian.

The online content creator fielded questions from her fans in a Q&A session on Instagram. One of the questions was whether she has plans to remarry after her failed marriage with Lonina Leitepan.

The lifestyle vlogger said she used to be excited about weddings but she is no longer sure about marriage.

When asked if she plans on having a second child, Sharon said: “There are times I am like, ‘Yes, give me another kid right now,’ but at times, I am if it is just me and my little one right now, I’d be okay.”

On how she overcame her divorce, the blogger said support from friends and family and reading books helped her.

“Whether you are going through divorce, separation, or breakup, I think one of the best things you could have is support from friends and family. People who have your back and show up for you physically,” she said.

“I also learnt through therapy about writing down my feelings, in form of a letter to myself. And in that letter, I remember saying, ‘It’s okay, I’ve got you, I know this is difficult but guess what, I’m not going anywhere. I am here, I love you.”

On lesbianism and bisexuality claims, she said:

“I am not a lesbian but I also have to add that I believe that love is love and let people live fully and truly wholly in their queerness,” she said.

“I wish this country had different policies but also outside the policies, I wish that socially and culturally we were less judgemental.”

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