Nitakufinya Duo Receives Motorbikes From Jalang’o

August 13, 2021

A pledge made to the famous Nitakufinya duo Aaron Asiba Matendechere and Charles Musyoka has been fulfilled.

The pair shot to the limelight for a second time last month, nearly 10 years after Matendechere threatened Musyoka on a television broadcast.

Comedian Jalang’o brought the two together last month after a video of their altercation reemerged and made waves on social media.

On top of making peace on Jalang’o’s YouTube show, Musyoka and Matendechere were promised some goodies to boost their livelihoods with corporates pouncing on their fame to market their products.

One of the firms was a motorcycle company that offered the Nitakufinya duo a pair of motorcycles.

Jalang’o also promised Musyoka and Matendechere that they would feature in an upcoming advert for Jahazi flour mill.

He fulfilled one of the pledges this week as he handed over the bikes to the pair.

Musyoka said the motorcycle would enable him to live a better life and provide for the new woman in his life.

Mambo ya kwenda kubeba wasichana na pikipiki utawacha sasa,” Jalang’o jokingly cautioned Musyoka.

Matendechere on his part said he would add the new motorcycle to his list of business ventures.

On the advert deal, Jalang’o said he is yet to cast the two but expressed hope that a deal would come through.

When you get a chance to make a difference in people’s lives do it,” Jalang’o said.

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