Karen Nyamu’s Baby Daddy says he Warned Samidoh

August 13, 2021

The father of Karen Nyamu’s daughter, DJ Saint Kevin, has opened up about his relationship with the controversial politician.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo, DJ Saint said he ended the affair with Karen Nyamu because it was getting toxic. The DJ said they used to fight all the time, which was not a conducive environment to raise their daughter.

“Ilikuwa tu ni Mafight, mafight kila wakati and for me to decide to leave tulikuwa tumefika a point of no return,” he said.

“Every time was an argument na sikua naona kama ni fair kulea mtoi in that environment, so nika decide nimpatie space yake na mimi nikuwe na space yangu but it worked out okay. It was getting toxic; every day was basically a fight. But saa hii sisi ni maboys,” added DJ Saint.

The DJ also noted that Karen Nyamu is an amazing mother

“She is an amazing mother…hata akidate alikuwa ananiupdate. Unajua lazima ataniambia juu kama kuna msee anakuja kwa hiyo keja my kid is exposed to them,” he said.

DJ Saint also disclosed that he asked to meet Nyamu’s lover musician Samidoh. They met at his daughter’s birthday party.

“Ilikuwa Birthday ya Mtoi wangu…I told her that ‘call your boyfriend to this party, I want to meet him’… juu I need to know who is hanging out with my daughte… unajua it’s a cruel world and I need to know which kind of Man is hanging out with my daughter,” Saint said.

The DJ added that when they met, he pulled Samidoh aside and warned him against interfering with his daughter.

He(Samidoh) came to the party…nikamuita hapo nje nikamshow unadate mother wa Mtoi wangu na hiyo ni yenu, but as long as you don’t interfere with my daughter we will be good. And if you are mean to her tutakosana,” DJ Saint said.


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