Marya Prude Struggling With Faith After Losing Someone Special

August 13, 2021

Mary Ngami Irungu alias Marya Prude says she is once again struggling with her Christian faith following the loss of a loved one.

Taking to social media, the former wife of TV presenter Willis Raburu did not disclose who she lost but revealed that they died from cancer.

Marya Prude said the loss came at a time when she was rebuilding her spiritual life, leaving her questioning her relationship with God.

“I lost someone so special to cancer and man! My heart is so heavy. I have such a bad relationship with death, grief, and God’s involvement in all that,” she wrote on Instagram.

Adding: “So I am really struggling with faith right now. Just when I thought am getting back in line with my faith and spiritual life, this happens.”

This is the second time Mary is opening up about her strained relationship with God.

Following the loss of her unborn daughter with Willis Raburu, Marya indicated that God had failed her.

“Everyone is so quick to tell me about God. What they don’t know is that every way I knew Him, He was tested and He didn’t prove Himself,” Mary said back then.

“So, as they say, you should know God for yourself, I now can say, I don’t know Him. And I don’t think I want to know him coz He left me when I needed him the most.”


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