Man Turns in Wife to Police for Faking Pregnancy, Buying Baby

August 18, 2021

A man from Kuresoi North Constituency in Nakuru turned in his wife to authorities after she faked a pregnancy and bought a baby.

Wesley Rono, 31, said he was excited when in December of last year, his wife Patricia told him she was pregnant with their first child. The couple had been married for five years without siring a child.

He later discovered that his wife was faking the pregnancy and he decided to play along and see how she would play it out. Rono would also give Patricia money for prenatal checkups.

Alikua anasema anaenda checkup Kericho na nilikua nampatia pesa anaenda anarudi. Lakini alikua anaweka nguo kwa tumbo. Niligundua lakini nikasema wacha nitulie tuu mpaka nione amepanga nini juu ningemwambia angehepa,” Rono told local TV.

He also noted that Patricia would get agitated whenever he tried to touch her belly.

After nine months of pregnancy elapsed, Patricia requested her husband for money to deliver at Kericho Hospital on August 8.

Rono obliged and after a few hours, Patricia informed him that she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy. She also told him she would go to her paternal home in Londiani, Kipkelion East Constituency to recuperate before joining him at their matrimonial home after full recovery.

“Her audacity shocked me. No woman can give birth and immediately board a matatu 30 minutes,” he said.

Patricia showed up four days later with a baby who Rono said looked like a four-year-old.

Siku ya nne kufika kwa nyumba jioni nikampata. Nikamwangalia na kumuuliza huyu mtoto ni wa siku nne kweli? Nikaambia bibi yangu unajua hii ni police case?” he said.

Rono said his wife was also feeding the child with cow milk.

Upon further interrogation, she admitted that she had bought the child prompting Rono to call the police.

In her defense, Patricia said she was trying to save her marriage that risked ending because of childlessness.

She said she bought the child from the nearby village for Sh2650 plus tea seedlings.

The seller wanted Sh50,000 but Patricia was unable to raise the amount, and instead opted to trade with tea seedlings worth the amount.

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