“I Broke Jua Cali’s Heart With My Comments,” says Wife Lily Asigo

August 19, 2021

Lily Asigo, the wife of celebrity rapper Paul Nunda, alias Jua Cali, has opened up about how she broke his heart.

Taking to social media, Asigo said she made comments expressing her discontent with a house that Jua Cali built. Asigo mentioned that she met the Genge rapper when he had already bought land and started building his house.

They would go on to complete the construction of the house together, denying themselves luxuries in the process.

“I met this man when he had already bought land and started building. Yes we finished it together and it wasn’t easy, nothing was given to us for free or at discounted prices, it was all sweat! That is how you come to appreciate hard work and value things in life cz you know exactly what it takes. Ugali/sukuma tulikula na tulikua tu Sawa,” she wrote.

Asigo went on to reveal that they are now planning to build their second home which she hopes will be better than the first.

“I’m super excited because this time around we are doing everything together from start to finish. I realised I broke his heart whenever I made comments like ‘I wish this wall was over there and this fireplace was on that other side…blah blah.’ So this time round I’ll make all the decisions (I hope) ??,” the mother of three joked.

Jua Cali and Lily have partnered with property developer, Mizizi Africa Homes Ltd, for the construction project.

“God’s blessings coming our way, we will soon be starting the construction of our second home courtesy of @miziziafricahomes noma sana!!!” Jua Cali said.

His wife of eight years added: “Anything is possible and God’s blessings cannot be stopped. Always remember that your dreams are valid! And don’t forget to PRAY.”


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