Aden Duale Clarifies Remark Likening Likening ODM to a Cult, Catholic Church

August 13, 2021

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale came under fire after he made a comment about the Catholic church during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday night.

The lawmaker was pointing out the differences between the ODM party and the ruling Jubilee when he likened the former to a cult and the catholic church.

“ODM is a cult where nobody can speak….its like the Catholic Church that has its own structures, it has the pope, but Jubilee is a very Democratic Party. I don’t condone those who use vulgar and unpalatable words but those are found in every political formation,” he said.

Duale’s remarked sparked an immediate backlash from internet users, forcing him to issue a statement clarifying his sentiments.

He explained that his remark was in reference to the ODM Party and not the Catholic Church.

“I have tremendous respect for the Catholic Church and its elaborate structures. Am a man of faith who respects all the teachings of other religions,” Duale said.

He added: “What I meant was that sometimes you can run a political party like the structures of the Catholic Church. I have a lot of respect for the church.”

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