It’s Okay That You Lost Respect For Wahu: Nameless Tells Troll

July 22, 2021

Celebrity musician Nameless defended his wife, Wahu Kagwi, against a fan who claimed to have lost respect for the songbird.

Days after Wahu slammed cyberbullies who body-shamed her for sharing bikini pictures, the criticism resurfaced, with a fan demanding an apology from Wahu for “indecent exposure”.

Tangu Wahu ajianike, heshima yangu iliisha kwenu. Nilikua najua nyinyi ni couples wa heshima, someone can learn something from, but unfortunately mlijiskosea heshima.

“Next time nunua swimming costume inafunika mapaja. Heri mimi pekee mwenye nawaambia ukweli kuliko hao 1000 wanawadanganya na uongo. Wahu apologize kuonesha uchi wako,” wrote the fan.

This loosely translates to: Since Wahu exposed herself, I no longer have respect for you guys. I knew you were a respectable couple that someone can learn from but unfortunately you disrespected yourselves. Next time get a costume that doesn’t expose your thighs. Wahu apologize for exposing yourself.

This prompted Nameless to hit back, describing the “fan” as judgemental and close-minded.

“Actually I’m okay that you lost respect for her because from how you are reasoning, I don’t want your kind of energy around my family. It’s negative and judgemental. Even though you don’t agree with me, In suggest you learn from different perspectives instead of judging people because they have a different view of life,” Nameless wrote in part.

He added: “You will realize you are living a very close-minded life. But keep living and judging people who think differently from you, it’s your life. And stop following me or my wife if you think wearing a costume in the beach is wrong… And keep insulting people.”

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