Amira Vows To Stand Her Ground In Feud with Amber Ray, says “Quran Justifies Toughness”

July 2, 2021

The first wife of businessman Jamal Marlow Rohosafi says she will fight tooth and nail for her peace and that of her children.

Speaking after a feud with her co-wife Amber Ray on Tuesday night, Amira warned the socialite that there are lines she will not allow anyone cross. She stated that her silence should not be mistaken for weakness.

“Even in the Quran, sometimes toughness is justified especially as I’ve repeated the peace of my kids is threatened in any way, shape or form.

“For now enjoy the videos but there are lines I will not let anyone cross,” she wrote on her Instastories.

Amira insisted that she will always stand her ground and continue advocating for ‘strength overweakness.’

“I am not here to teach weakness but strength and standing your ground, being your own provider and protector coz sometimes silence is mistaken for fear or meekness,” she said.

Recounting the Tuesday night drama in their Syokimau estate, Amira said she was walking in the estate when she saw Amber and Jamal.

“I saw Jamal and Amber park their car. Jamal aliniiita kwa gate ya huyu mwanamke ananiambia umefanya vibaya. Mimi sina shida na huyu mwanamke, issue ni Jamal (he called me while at Amber’s gate and told me I did wrong. I have no problem with Amber, Jamal is the issue),” Amira said.

“Wananikoseanga heshima sana mimi nanyamaza (They (Amber and Jamal) always disrespect me but I keep quiet).”

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