The Most Popular Sports for Betting, Ranked By Betting Volumes

June 14, 2021

Many sports fans are looking to get into the betting business as the popularity of sports betting grows. Established sports gamblers spend billions of dollars each year throughout the sports season, betting at legal internet betting sites, casinos, and local betting shops.

With Betway sports betting experiencing a massive growth in revenue, we selected the five most popular sports in the world, in terms of betting volume based on the overall amount of bets estimated from online betting, local and offshore bookmakers, for example the Best US Live Casino Bonus.


Soccer is the most popular and largest sport on the planet, so it’s no surprise that it’s at the top of the list. Horse racing used to be the most popular, but in-game betting and early cash outs have transformed football betting into a monster. Every year, it is believed that over £1 billion is wagered on football in the United Kingdom. It’s tough to collect correct data for the worldwide market due to various unregulated marketplaces, but with viewing counts in the hundreds of millions for major events, the real amount of betting in football must be massive.

American Football 

The National Football League (NFL) receives the most betting money in the United States each year. Despite the fact that sports betting is still illegal in many places in the United States, American football fans spend millions of dollars each year betting on league matches.

The famous annual Super Bowl, when NFL fans from all over the world gamble billions of dollars on the outcome of that one final game, is the pinnacle of sports betting in the United States.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has long been associated with gambling, and it was initially the most popular sport to wager on. Horse races are among the biggest sports events, and with huge prize money comes large audiences, including bettors. 

It’s still a worldwide powerhouse and one of the only sports you can bet on 24/7 across the world with Betway. Horse racing betting is believed to be worth more than €100 billion each year. Surprisingly, Japan is the most attractive place, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia. USA is quickly coming along, and could soon become another powerhouse. 


Tennis betting is simple for both beginners and veteran gamblers because there are no draws, unlike many other sports. It offers a wide range of easy and uncomplicated wagers. Predicting the winner of a match or tournament is the most essential.

To win a tennis bet, you must research each player’s rating and past tournament performance. Other considerations come into play, including the fact that some players perform better on grass courts while others win more games on clay courts. You may examine pundit analysis before placing your bet on each match to have a better idea of who is most likely to win.


eSports is the fastest-growing sport and market in terms of betting volume. eSports’ growing popularity is forcing bookies to react swiftly or risk falling behind. While virtual racing has been around for a while, other virtual events have recently been on the rise, with top bookmakers like Betway giving various eSports match betting options. The sports betting industry’s income is fast increasing as a result of this increased volume.

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