The Rise of Sports Betting In Kenya

May 5, 2020

Sports betting has become a fashionable phenomenon in Kenya and Africa as a whole. In Kenya, more casino providers are setting shop to have a share of the ever-increasing number of sports gamblers. Online sports betting, like Betway Kenya online betting, is gaining more footing because of the availability of smartphones. But there are also betting shops being set up throughout the country. 

As you read this article, you will gain insight into the rise of sports betting in Kenya and the factors behind the growth. 

Cultural Orientation

The rise of sports betting in Kenya is related directly to the Kenyan cultural orientation. The Kenyan youths have been the ones actively involved in sports over the years. And it is the same demography that has hugely embraced sports betting. When more young people get smartphones, it consequently leads to more joining the sports betting bandwagon.

Economic Pressure

In Kenya, casinos attract more people to sports betting because of the state of the economy. The Kenyan economy cannot accommodate the rising population of the youth. Many are unemployed while others are underemployed; hence they cannot sustain themselves. 

Sports’ betting provides an escape route for such youth. They only need a smartphone and an internet connection. They have even formed forums on social media to share tips on how to win big. 

Mobile Betting

The advancement of mobile technology has also contributed hugely to the rise of sports betting in Kenya. Initially, betting houses like Betway could bet online through their computers and laptops. 

The smartphone wave hit the country in 2015 and led to a rise in sports betting. With more people having access to smartphones, it becomes easier for them to gamble. 

The casinos also improved their platforms and optimized them for mobile phone use. They created websites that are mobile friendly and mobile apps that are easy to use. 

Mobile Money

The availability of mobile money services has also led to a rise in sports betting in Kenya. Mpesa, which is arguably the largest mobile money service in the country, has particularly played a considerable role.

Kenyans can quickly deposit and withdraw from Betway and other sports casino providers directly from their Mpesa accounts. This technology is secure and gives gamblers security assurance. Also, the unemployed youths who don’t have bank accounts or Visa/Master cards can also place their bets. 

Jackpot Prizes

Sports casinos usually have handsome jackpot prizes. Some casinos have jackpots of up to tens of millions to be won every week. These jackpot prizes have attracted many people, especially the youth.

The casinos are also strategic as they parade their winners on TV and other media to entice other players. Once they see that it is real, more and more people join in to win these top prices. 

Aggressive Marketing by Sports Casino Providers

Sports casino providers have invested heavily in their marketing in Kenya. Casinos like Betway run adverts on most TV channels at peak hours, promising punters huge prices. They also use other media like Radio, billboards, and social media platforms to advertise their products.

The casinos have also used celebrity endorsements to push their products in the market. Sports, music, and other household names are contracted by these casinos to promote their products. The strategy has worked wonders. 

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