President Kenyatta Offers Jobs to Illegal Gunmakers

June 10, 2021

President Uhuru Kenyatta has extended an olive branch to illegal gun-makers in Kenya, promising to give them steady jobs at the newly opened gun manufacturing factory in Ruiru.

The President made the unusual offer on Wednesday during the burning of 5,144 illegal firearms recovered from the wrong hands and obsolete state-owned small arms and light weapons.

“We have seen a variety of homemade weapons, it is first of all negative but it is also positive, I want to make an offer,” Uhuru said at the Regional Police Traffic Training Centre in Ngong, Kajiado County.

“Kenya has now begun making our own small arms and light weapons and for you out there who are engaged in making these guns for criminals, come let us give you a steady job to make legal weapons. Help grow our economy and defend our country.”

PHOTOS – Uhuru Commissions Gun Manufacturing Factory in Ruiru

The President added: “Nimewapatia hiyo offer nyinyi wenzangu waKenya najua mko huku. Badala ya kuwa huko kungojea risasi ya askari jameni njoo useme hiyo kazi umewacha tukupatie kazi. Hiyo ujuzi ukonaye utusaidie kutengeneza silaha halali.”

(Fellow Kenyans, I’m making this offer to you, I know you’re there. Instead of waiting for police bullets, come to us and tell us that you have stopped that crime and we will give you a job. Help us make legal weapons with the skills you possess).

Uhuru said anyone interested in the offer should contact security officers, renounce their past, and apply for government employment.

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