Meet Plus-size Model and YouTuber It’s Waithira

June 28, 2021

Beatrice Waithira aka It’s Waithira, 27, is one of the women who has redefined the plus-size fashion in Kenya. She talks to PeopleDaily about her style, journey into content creation and her plans as a fashion enthusiast.

Give us a brief profile about yourself.

I’m a professional interior designer, plus-size model and part-time mushroom farmer. I am also always striving to find my purpose and calling here on earth.

What sparked your interest in content creation, especially in fashion? 

I would say it happened as a mistake, a good mistake. Covid-19 had just hit the country and I was struggling to find a job; I was helpless for lack of a better word.

TikTok was the app that everyone was talking about and I decided to hop onto it.

I began creating dance videos and skits. Then Instagram introduced a segment called ‘Reels’ and I began transferring my content from TikTok to Instagram reels and that’s how I started creating new content there.

It was haphazard at the time because I used to do cooking videos and vlogs until I realised maybe I could share ‘how to dress a hoodie plus-size’ because I hadn’t seen that yet. And that was the beginning of something amazing.

How has it been as a plus-size content creator? 

It is unique for sure, because most plus-size women are afraid of ‘not being the society’s standards’. We are very few compared to the petite content creators around.

Describe your personal style.

My style definitely depends on my mood. Sometimes I crave comfort and others ‘rich aunty’ vibes. It’s a balance if I would put it that way.

This also helps me reach different plus-size women that have different styles and would want to know how to for example dress-up a sweat pants or dress down a dress.

What does body positivity mean to you? 

In my opinion, body positivity is accepting the body that you are in and being comfortable with it even though you are working towards losing or gaining weight.

Has your journey in content creation impacted your personal life? 

Yes! It has connected me to amazing people that I never thought I’d meet, and presented a lot of opportunities that I did not know existed.

I discovered many plus-size brands because getting items as a plus-size is a nightmare. I also think social media has played a big role in the way people view plus-size content creators.

The world is now accepting and acknowledging plus-size as a category in fashion and content creators because we can do it all despite our size.

How do you settle on a look when getting dressed? 

Honestly, it has everything to do with my moods and the day’s occasion or the destination.

Does your style reveal your personality or lifestyle?

Absolutely. Style is something that cannot be copied, while fashion is about trends.

Personally, my outfit will describe how I’m feeling on any particular day. However, it has to be comfortable so that my confidence can show off.

Mistake women should avoid when shopping or dressing up.

Buying clothes for the sake of it. You should always buy clothes that fit your size.

Not too big or too small, just the right fit. Go to a tailor to adjust it for you if it’s a ready-made, but make sure it fits perfectly.

As a content creator, do you have any fashion icon and what makes them stand out? 

Yes, I do. I’d have to go with Neomi Ng’ang’a because she was the first plus-size woman to begin the plus-size movement and she has created an amazing name for us.

Miss Nyawi has also impacted my journey. She was the first ever plus-size content creator to have collaboration with. Internationally, it’s Kristine of Trendy Curvy.

She is an amazing model and content creator and has mastered the art in dressing herself. Edee Beau too is awesome. She is based in London and she always kills it.

What is your style secret weapon? 

Comfort. When you are comfortable you rock that outfit fiercely.

What are your aspirations in content creation?

My aim is to grow. Growth tells a story, and I want to share it one day. I also want to work with more renowned and plus-size brands.

I want to be a better Waithira than I was a week ago; always aiming higher and growing in all aspects of my life.

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