Form One Selection: 3 Set of Twins Happy Not to Be Separated

June 18, 2021

Three sets of twins who sat the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations can heave a sigh of relief after they were admitted to the same schools.

Identical twins Grace and Immaculate Kahiga each scored 402 marks and have been admitted to Maryhill Girls High School in Thika.

The sisters, known as “Queens of Mathematics”, had chosen different schools; Grace had settled on Maryhill while Immaculate chose Pangani Girls in Nairobi.

Their admission to Maryhill came as a pleasant surprise to them and their families following months of anxiety over possible separation.

According to their mother Marion Njoki, the teens share a special bond and have never been apart.

“There was a time they were separated by their teachers while in Class Seven and, shockingly, they fell ill at the same time… the teachers had to quickly reunite them and the recovery was remarkable,” said Ms Njoki.

She said the girls’ teachers at Gilgil Hills Academy were often baffled by their composition and Insha (Swahili composition) writing skills.

“They used to write similar headlines and analogous wordings. To the teachers, it was shocking,” added their mother.

Elsewhere, two other sets of twins in Kisumu and Siaya counties have been admitted to their dream national schools.

Kisumu’s Wayne and Emmanuel Isanda, scored 412 and 415 marks respectively and will be joining Alliance High School.

News of their admission to their choice school also came as a relief to their family.

In Siaya County, Dan Wesley Ouma and Meshack Brown Ouma from Got Kokwiri village will join Maseno School. Dan scored 407 marks while his brother scored 404 marks.

“We thank God we were granted our wish and we are going to give it our all to ensure we achieve our dreams,” Meshack said.

Meshack wants to be a surgeon while Wesley wants to pursue engineering.

Their father believes that giving his sons titles as nicknames helped them perform well.

“I used to call them engineer and doctor,” said Mr Ouma. He pleaded for financial support to help raise their fees.

“Double joy also comes with double responsibility and that is why I am pleading with well-wishers to come to my rescue because I wouldn’t want to disappoint my sons. I am hopeful God will make a way,” said Ouma.

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