Fena Gitu: Power (P*ssy Power) Was Inspired by Cardi B’ WAP’

June 28, 2021

Last week Thursday, Kenyan Afropop singer Fena Gitu released Power (P*ssy Power), a women’s empowerment anthem, featuring Vallerie Muthoni and Maandy Kabay.

Fena says she was inspired to compose the song after listening to ‘WAP’ by American rapper Cardi B. She explained that the word P*ssy has for a long time been used to portray some sort of weakness.

“We’re taking charge of our femininity. We’re not using the word in a profane way, our generation is past a point where we are unapologetic about our womanhood and direct expression. The song actually came to me as an inspiration after listening to Cardi B’s and Meg Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’. Of course, we’ll have a censored version for the masses. Essentially, it’s just to affirm our power,” she told Sunday Nation.

Fena noted that she collaborated with Vallerie and Maandy to promote sisterhood and look after them because of what she has had to go through in a male-dominated industry.

“We’re just changing the gender norms. When I came in there weren’t many female emcees in the game. But now we’re having so many others coming through, and pushing very hard. They are dope and I believe we need that to balance out the scales of this once male-dominated industry,” she said.

Fena Gitu further regretted the gender pay gap that exists in the local music industry.

“It really sucks (unfair or bad) that we get paid much less than our male counterparts. They give excuses such as experience, so and so has been in the industry for longer than I have. But if we’re on the same banner or platform and you know what I bring (and that’s the reason you want my name on that), then why is there such a big gap between what you’re paying him and me? But there is strength in numbers. As more women are coming into this space, we are gaining more bargaining power. I’m really pushing for women to go up that financial bracket,” said the ‘Fenamenal’ singer.

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