Esther Musila Wishes her Mum was Alive to “meet the most wonderful man”

June 2, 2021

Esther Musila over the weekend paid a heartwarming tribute to her late mother on their 5th death anniversary, wishing she was alive to meet her fiance, gospel star Guardian Angel.

Musila started by recalling the devastating day she received a call informing her about her mother’s passing.

“5 years ago, a morning just like this one, I received a call that my dearest mum had passed away in her sleep. This was less than 12 hrs after my brother Fred and I had been to shags for the weekend. It was the darkest day in our lives. I still don’t know how we found the strength to drive to Machakos, it actually felt like a dream and we would snap out of it. I truly believe to this day that the Almighty worked it out in his own way and wanted us to spend the last hours of mum’s life with her,” she shared on Sunday, May 30.

The 51-year-old singer, who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, May 25, told her mother she thinks about her every day.

“Mum, not a single day passes without a thought of you. You give me so much strength and your passing on taught me to appreciate every single day of my LIFE and live like there is no tomorrow. I was raised by a strong woman. I know you got my back mum,” she wrote.

“Rest in Power my dearest mum. Fred, your grandchildren Gideon, Gilda, Glenn, Musila and Mbeke and I treasure the LIFE we shared together.”

Musila further told her departed mum about Guardian Angel, describing him as the most wonderful man in her life.

“Mum, I honestly wish you had lived a little longer to meet the most wonderful man in my life now, I know you’d be so happy to see me in this new space I am in in my life. I now sing your favorite hymns and I hear your voice in them?. We love you forever Mummy ❤❤❤” she concluded.


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