EABL Releases Statement After Viral Video of Woman Chugging Bottle of Gilbey’s

June 16, 2021

Over the weekend, a video of a woman chugging what appeared to be a full bottle of gin went viral on social media.

It was said that she was celebrating her birthday, and in a bid to recreate another previous viral video, one of her friends is seen grabbing her by the neck to help her tilt her head. This is to allow a free flow of the alcohol into her mouth.

Her other friends are then heard counting, perhaps to set a number by when she should have proved her prowess.

A second video shows moments later when the woman appears blacked out, unable to open her eyes or even support her own head.


This habit of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol over a matter of minutes is becoming popular with young Kenyans. It goes without saying that it is dangerous, and has in some instances even been fatal.

As a warning to consumers of their products, EABL, whose gin Gilbey’s was the centre-piece of this video, have released a statement.

“Binge-drinking is harmful to your health and we do not condone it.. Binge-drinking is not cool, it is dangerous and unsafe,” the statement notes.

Always drink responsibly.

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