Chipukeezy Explains Why Radio Maisha Job Fell Through

June 23, 2021

Nacada vice-chair Chipukeezy has revealed why his radio presenting job at Radio Maisha never materialised.

In early 2018, the comedian had agreed to replace the departing Jalang’o at the Standard Media Group-owned station. A week after both parties had announced the news, the deal inexplicably fell through even before Chipukeezy could go on air.

Recounting the circumstances that led to the fallout, Chipukeezy said Alex Mwakideu approached him for the gig and later introduced him to the bosses.

He said the management agreed to hire him on the condition that they would allow him to attend his comedy shows abroad.

“I told them I do not have an issue to go back to radio as long I would be allowed to continue with my shows as a comedian. I wanted them to allow me to do the show as my idea and on my terms without being limited. Whether I was in Vegas or Nairobi,” Chipuzeeky told Jalang’o on ‘Bonga na Jalas’.

He continued: “They thought I was bragging about the shows I have had before. I was in Vegas at the time when the contract was being made yet I was to report on Tuesday. They had already made adverts and billboards announcing my show. When I came back to Kenya walikua wamenifuria sana.”

Chipukeezy mentioned that the same day Radio Maisha terminated his contract is when he birthed his show ‘Chipukeezy Show’.

“Media owners are oppressing artistes. I thought as an artiste you are given a good contract but you do not have the freedom to express who you are. That is why I did not go back to work on radio,” he explained.

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