Ben Githae’s Advice to Couples on Divorce, Polygamy

June 15, 2021

Ben Githae says gone are the days when one would struggle in an unhappy marriage to please the church and society.

The gospel musician advises unhappy couples to walk out of a marriage and find love elsewhere.

Ben Githae also spoke about polygamy and wife inheritance saying it is allowed in the Bible. He, however, said polygamy only applies to men and not women.

“Polygamy is allowed in the old testament. Even wife inheritance is allowed. It is only abnormal for a woman to have more than one man,” he said.

“If you are not okay with the one you call your wife, do not kill yourself in an unhappy marriage. Divorce and decide for a second chance with someone else or stay single.”

When asked about men who leave their wives for girlfriends, the ‘Tano Tena’ composer said men stray for different reasons.

Ben Githae stressed that the Bible allows men to have up to seven wives.

“Some have sexual issues. The Bible is very clear that one man can have up to seven women who can be identified with him.”

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