We are on Verge of Starvation, Kenyans Stranded in India

May 18, 2021

A group of Kenyans who are stranded in India after the Kenyan government suspended flights between the two countries says life has become unbearable.

One of the patients, Moses Muchemi, told the Nation that some 80 Kenyans have formed a WhatsApp group where they have been encouraging each other.

“We are suffering. Maisha hapa imekuwa ngumu (life here is unbearable)”, he told the publication.

“Some of us are on the verge of starvation having exhausted the money we had…we had not anticipated the flight suspension and the ripple effect has been devastating,” Muchemi continued.

Muchemi, who is stranded in Saket, Delhi, said he was forced to move out of the hospital where he had been admitted due to the hefty bills.

He said he moved into a cheap apartment which he is sharing with another friend.

“It used to cost me Sh30,000 a day to stay in hospital. I had to move out and rent an apartment for which I am paying Sh3,000 a day.

“That is the only way those affected can be able to survive. In fact, we are staying at the cheapest apartment available to save on costs,” said Muchemi.

Worse still for Muchemi, prior to travelling to India, he had been told his treatment would cost around Sh400,000. This, however, doubled after undergoing surgery.

“My parents have been forced to secure a loan to finance my treatment and stay in India. Friends have also been of great help,” he said, noting that a lot of other Kenyans are facing a similar predicament.

Muchemi appealed to the government to facilitate their way back home.

“We just want to go home. Life has become a big challenge.

“Another option is to support our stay in India by offering stipends to the patients who are in misery,” he said.

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