Rose Muhando: A Church Elder Held me Hostage and Tortured me for Years

May 5, 2021

Gospel musician Rose Muhando has opened up about a harrowing ordeal at the hands of a church elder who held her hostage for years.

Speaking to Wasafi Media, the ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker said her captor denied her freedom.

“I didn’t have a voice to go and report. The one who had held me hostage couldn’t let me speak to anyone,” she said.

“For me to have this freedom, it cost me my own blood. In the last days, I said I was ready to die. I told the person to do whatever they wanted to do to me.”

Muhando continued: “It reached a point I wasn’t eating, I didn’t even like where I was living at. I cannot say the kind of torture I got and why they did that.”

Accrding to Muhando, her tribulations started following the death of her parents.

The Tanzanian singer also recalled being subjected to physical abuse in 2010 when she was rehearsing for her album ‘Utamu Wa Yesu’.

“I was beaten up, my blood was flowing all over. The producers who were there witnessed everything. I went through a lot of challenges. I was being beaten while my kids watched,” she said.

Muhando also recalled another ordeal at the hands of the said church elder and two of his friends.

“I was beaten and told to kneel down. They put a gun on my head, asking for TSh15 million. They told me to say my last prayers and I started praying. It was raining. It was in a forest. They warned me against reporting and told me they would kill me if I did,” she said.

“There was a man who was looking after his flock and when he saw, he screamed and the three guys ran away.”

Rose Muhando further dismissed the drug-abuse rumours, saying: “People spoke a lot, they said I was taking drugs. I wondered because I don’t even know how drugs look like, what colour they are, even my doctor was very surprised because those rumours really went viral.”

She thanked Kenyans who came to her rescue and got her back on her feet.

“I was depressed. I stayed at the hospital for five months. Kenyans helped me pay hospital bills and gospel singers made sure I got treated.”

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