Mzee Jackson Kibor: Why I Have Given my Life to Christ

May 5, 2021

The prominent Uasin Gishu farmer and former politician Mzee Jackson Kibor is born again after giving his life to Christ on Monday.

The 87 year-old was baptized at the Boma Inn Hotel in Eldoret in a 30-minute ceremony presided by Ret African Inland Church (AIC) Bishop Silas Yego.

Kibor, who is nicknamed ‘the men’s conference chairman’ in social media circles, said he decided to turn over a new leaf because he is old and time is not on his side.

“Praise Jehovah, when I decided to go to Church I was told that one has to be baptized to be saved.

“Two things that necessitated taking this bold step are that one, I am now old and I have not yet been baptized, yet I am a Christian and a staunch AIC follower.

“The second reason is that life is precious and we must be ready since you do not know when your time to leave this world will come,” Kibor said moments after his baptism.

Mzee Kibor further urged Kenyan youth to follow in his footsteps and get baptized.

“I am the chairman of everything, so I know better and when I say that you should be ready and accept to be baptized and saved, then I know that it is right,” he said.

Kibor’s wife, Yunita, confirmed that it was the octogenarian’s personal decision to get saved.

“This year, he called a family meeting and sought forgiveness. I am so happy that he has accepted to be saved,” said Mrs Kibor.

Bishop Yego added: “He approached the church leaders and said he wanted to be born-again. But he first shared this with members of his family. I want to say that it is never too late for one to seek God’s kingdom. Once, Gods’ spirit has really touched one’s soul, it becomes untenable for one to accept God’s ways,” said the man-of-cloth.

 He went on: “The Book of Psalms says that all those who have accepted Christ are like the Lebanon Cedar as they remain strong despite the age and will continue to do the work of the Lord.”

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