Mr Nice Sings Praises of Kenyans to President Suluhu

May 6, 2021

The visit of Tanzania’s new President Samia Suluhu Hassan to Kenya promises to resolve longstanding differences between the two neighboring countries. This after the two Heads of State agreed to eliminate barriers hindering the smooth flow of trade and people.

The newfound working relationship is also expected to benefit the entertainment industry by smoothing out the perceived rivalry between artistes from the two nations.

One musician who is already looking to the future of a Kenya-Tanzania musical powerhouse is veteran Bongo Flava hitmaker Nice Mkenda popularly known as Mr. Nice.

The singer has offered to reunite artistes from both countries.

Since relocating to Kenya and setting up his studio in Mlolongo, Mr. Nice said: “The relationship between our nationals has always been smooth.

“At the height of my fame and career, it was Kenya that embraced me with the title of an international artist even before I squandered my money in South Africa. During my rocky days, Kenyans have stood by me.”

At the same time, Mr. Nice has sung the praises of Kenyans to President Suluhu.

“I’m so honored to witness your visit as Mama wa Taifa. I guarantee you Kenyans love Tanzania and its people. I’m a witness. They sheltered me at a near point of ridicule,” he wrote on social media.

Mr Nice offered to act as the go-to link between Kenyan and Tanzania’s artistes and hinted at plans to form an artistes’ body that will strengthen the creative industry between the two nations.

“Kenya and Tanzania have a great creative muscle that can shake Africa but only if they can hold each other’s hands and walk together. I can guarantee that without a doubt,” he said.

Mr Nice added that he has written to the Tanzanian consulate about his proposition.

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