Kalekye Mumo: I was Warned Against Dating Men from Nyanza, Western

May 7, 2021

Media personality Kalekye Mumo says her mother once warned her against marrying men from Nyanza and Western regions.

The former Kiss 100 radio presenter was discussing some of the stereotypes that have been passed down through multiple generations.

Kalekye said her mother said she would rather marry someone of Indian descent but not men from the two communities.

My mum told me once, usiwai leta mjaka, mtu wa western kwa hii nyumba. Afadhali uolewe na muindi. Akasema what she knows of those people, you don’t understand them, what they speak, they are different, you can’t,” said Ms Mumo.

According to the media personality, her mother’s warning made her ask people about their tribe.

“So, at the back of my head as much as I’ll meet someone, I’ll start to ask them where they are from because that thing was put in my head from when I was a young person. Unagrow ukifikiria hivyo na ukimuuliza sana anakuambia hivyo ndio grandmother yake alimuambia and it was a big deal,” she said.

Kalekye Mumo, however, chose to break the cycle because she is more interested in knowing the individual.

I will still date them, I will still get to know them but in getting to know them, I’m more interested in you as a person, that doesn’t say anything about the tribe, that doesn’t mean juu mmetoka hio area mko hivyo because every different home is different,” she said.

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