Avril on Motherhood: I was a Walking Zombie but My Child has Given me a Purpose

May 7, 2021

Singer Avril Nyambura has provided an update on her motherhood journey, saying her 3-year-old son has given her a purpose in life.

Speaking during an interview with Ala C, Avril said she is living a dream that she always had for years.

“I had been ready five years before I became one, but I never had someone stable in my life,” she said.

“I wanted someone we take care of the child together and so when the person I am dating came into my life, the situation felt right and he also wanted it.”

Avril admitted that being a working a mom is daunting because she survives on little sleep.

“You should respect mothers. When my son was a day old is when it hit me that I no longer had a say,” she said.

“It would always be about him as he now fully depends on me. In the beginning, I was a walking zombie because I could not get enough sleep. Even now I still survive on very little sleep as I also have to chase my dream.”

On balancing motherhood and work, Avril says it can be confusing and cause one to fall into depression.

“I used to make money and did everything I wanted, but now my child has given me a purpose. I have become more responsible. The love for him is unconditional. It’s a feeling you can’t understand.”

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