How KOT Reacted to Xtian Dela’s Political Ambitions

May 4, 2021

Popular social media personality Arthur Mandela, better known as Xtian Dela, is convinced he will be a member of the next Kenyan parliament in 2022.

The vlogger announced his political aspirations this past weekend, declaring that he will be the next Member of Parliament for Westlands constituency.

Xtian Dela said he is banking on his social media popularity and the youth to upset the old guard in Kenyan politics.

“I will be the Member of Parliament of Westlands Constituency in 2022. Let’s show them the POWER of Social Media and the power of the YOUTH in Kenya who are TIRED of OLD and USELESS politicians!!!! I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!!! OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!!!!” he stated.

Dela noted he doesn’t have a manifesto yet but said one of his main priorities will be creating jobs and safe spaces for young Kenyans.

“I haven’t started on my Manifesto but one of the main things I MUST do in Westlands is create JOBS and SAFE spaces for young people to be creative and make money!” he added.

Xtian Dela further declared that he wants to be at the forefront of change rather than at the back.

“This country is so messed up that I have to stop my private businesses to help run it. I have decided to be on the fore front of change rather than shout from the back!! I believe true change starts from us…WE ARE THE TRUE CHANGE!” he tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, Kenyans on social media had a lot to say about Dela’s political ambitions. His announcement appeared to draw mixed reactions, with some netizens reminding him that social media popularity does not equate to votes.

A few others were receptive to his plans and offered to support him clinch the Westlands parliamentary seat from Timothy Wanyonyi.

We have sampled some reactions below.

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