Here’s How Much Muthoni Mukiri Earns from YouTube

May 6, 2021

Former Inooro TV presenter Muthoni wa Mukiri has disclosed how much money she makes from her YouTube channel.

In a new video published on her channel Wednesday, the media personality discussed in detail how she started the vlogging venture and how he has been fairing.

Muthoni said she invested in a Macbook laptop, a high-end Samsung phone, and ring lighting. She had also hired an editor but realised it was too costly.

“When I was starting I had someone editing for me so I used to pay them every month but after three months I realised I couldn’t keep up,” she noted.

Muthoni said her earning from YouTube vary from month to month.

“The most money I have made in a month on YouTube was in March when I made Sh65,000. The other months I made Sh35,000, Sh20,000 and I have also made Sh12,000,” she said.

“You can even make Sh1 million per month, you can also make Sh10,000. It is not consistent and that’s why you should not quit your daily income to focus on YouTube. People with very many subscribers get to a point where they are making Sh1 million a month or Sh500,000 but you have to start from somewhere,” she added.

Muthoni said most of her revenue on YouTube comes from adverts placed on her videos by the platform.

“You can also get product placements or advertise brands for other people. For example, if your friend is selling clothes you can mention them and they give you something small. People also make money that way but I don’t do a lot of those because my content is a bit different. For me it’s the long game,” she explained.

Muthoni wa Mukiri started her channel, Muthoni’s Mission, on September 1, 2020. She has since racked up over 45,000 subscribers and over 1.2 million views.

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