DP Ruto’s Anxiety about Marrying off June Ruto to a Nigerian

May 31, 2021

Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter June Ruto last week Thursday said ‘I do’ to her Nigerian man, Dr Alexander Ezenagu, in an invite-only ceremony held at the DP’s private residence in Karen.

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During the ceremony, DP Ruto admitted it was difficult to give away his daughter to a Nigerian man.

Ruto left guests in stitches as he expressed his supposed anxiety about June Ruto marrying a Nigerian man of Igbo ethnicity. He recounted the Kenyan government’s push and pull with controversial Nigerian businessman Anthony Chinedu, who was deported from Kenya in 2013.

“It is both an exciting and anxious moment. It is not easy as a parent to give away your daughter. It is much more difficult if you are giving away your daughter to Nigerians.

“It is much more difficult when you are giving your daughter to Ibos,” said Ruto amid laughter from the crowd.

DP Ruo continued: “Because when I first met Alex I told him a story of a guy called Chinedu who gave us a lot of trouble and I was told that man was an Igbo.

“So you can understand…this Chinedu fellow gave us so much trouble that we deported him to Nigeria and when we deported him he refused to get out of the aeroplane in Lagos for two days. Even after leaving him there, we found him in Kenya.”

Ruto gave the newlyweds his blessings and advised June Ruto to submit to her husband as she was now someone’s wife.

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